Žana selflessly came to the aid of the "Društvo Kameleon" when we needed a new logo. We are grateful for her professional and voluntary approach, time, effort and the new "face" of the society in the form of a chameleon. We would definitely recommend her to other organizations.

Selena Društvo Kameleon

Working with Žana was an awesome experience. I liked that she delved into the matter and that the story was important to her. She constantly included me in the creative process and I couldn't have asked for better communication, as well as everything else. I'm very happy with the final product and so glad I discovered her work.

Simona Pet portrait commission

We are very satisfied with the graphic design service we received from Žana. Her work exceeded our expectations and helped us present ourselves in the market in a professional and attractive way. Žana's dedication, professionalism and creativity were key to achieving such a result. Thanks to her work, we got a logo that we really like and that will distinguish our brand in the future. Žana showed an exceptional sense of detail and attention to our wishes. She was always responsive and flexible, which contributed to an extremely positive experience of cooperation.

Jan Wazucha tea

Žana? When I saw some of her works for the first time years ago, I knew that I would invite her to collaborate at the first opportunity. I immediately perceived a gift, a talent, the ability and the creativity, grafted with a unique artistic vein, which gave the graphics that "something more". If I may put it in more musical terms, her interpretation of the event, the poetics, when passion and melancholy and also drama and melodiousness come together in symbiosis, simply inspired me. And most importantly, everything mentioned works in the service of addressing the my audience that I aspire on addressing. Really, well done, Žana.

Agencija Easy Event graphic design

We've worked with Žana twice so far, and both experiences were absolutely perfect - she is incredibly talented and creative, and has a great work ethic. She delivers fantastic artworks and graphic designs, always makes sure to meet deadlines, and is an all around great person to work with. 🙂

Matic Hei'An

One could say that we were Žana's first project and we have not stopped working together since then. Which says a lot. She grew with us and we with her, but at no stage of this development did we doubt in her abilities. This trust is so pronounced that we never interfere with her work. We simply leave it to her to capture our music, interpret it in her own way and transform it into beautiful graphics that have always surprised us and left us speechless.

Maks Noair

Žana helped us with a logo design with a relatively short deadline after an initial design by another designer was deemed unsuitable. She listened to the vision of our project and brand very carefully and came back to us with several innovative and compelling mock ups. She maintained excellent communication throughout the process and was really receptive and produced our final files in an efficient manner. Highly recommend!

Simone Strong AYA


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