Illustrating stuff and myself since 1992

creative block


Pen and marker on paper

As I reflect on the Creative Block series, I am reminded of the pivotal role it played in my artistic journey. Created in 2014, during a period of struggle and anticipation after completing my courses at the Academy, this series captures the essence of my creative state at that time.

While I have evolved and grown since then, I find that the themes explored in this series still hold immense relevance in my current work. It was during this time that I discovered that geometry as a visual language that resonates deeply with me—an aesthetic that continues to influence my creations, albeit in a more subtle manner.

Moreover, this series marked a turning point in my artistic expression as I began delving into the realm of emotions and psychology. It sparked a profound fascination that persists to this day, driving me to explore the depths of human experiences through my art.

Ultimately, the Creative Block series served as the catalyst for finding my own unique style. It taught me the importance of constant evolution, reminding me that stagnation leads to an inevitable end. As I look back on the Creative Block series, I am grateful for the struggles it represents, as they have propelled me forward and paved the way for the artist I have become.